Spiritual Healing

Hands on Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a well respected and ancient form of healing.  By attuning to my spirit guides and asking them to work in conjunction with your spirit guides, I channel the Divine Healing Intelligence through to you to allow the form of healing that is right for you.  During this healing, your intent for the session is as important as my intent, to ensure that our spirit teams work together for your highest benefit.  This is a tactile approach whereby the hands are placed on different parts of the body to allow the healing energy to penetrate through to the physical body.  I do not decide where to place my hands but am guided intuitively by spirit, thus allowing spirit to work where they are most needed.  Even though the hands may not be placed where you are experiencing any physical pain, the healing energy will travel to the area of your body that requires it the most, and any excess will be used by the rest of the body.