Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing™

Working with the Energetic Matrix of the body

Quantum BioEnergetics addresses the use of readily available quantum based frequencies, transferred via the human energy anatomy, to enable the human biology.  This process of healing, the Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing Technique™, is a non-intrusive form of healing whereby a body is immersed within quantum based frequencies, and is then enabled to instigate and facilitate an appropriate healing for itself.  These palpable frequencies, readily available to all of us, are initiated during your healing session, and continue to work long after your session is completed, for however long your body requires. Dictated by the cellular response of the individual, a healing tailored by your own body, ensues. And you will experience healing as never before… from Within.
These quantum frequencies naturally flow through us, within each and every particle in existence, in our very cells, in the vibration of the DNA matrix… within us. What occurs during a healing session is far more a “recognition” for the body, than an “introduction”. As such, during the healing session, these vibratory frequencies, working through the existent human energy anatomy, redraw the basic fundamental “energy” for the renewal functions of the human body.

Reproduced with kind permission from Melissa Hocking www.quantumbioenergetics.com