Firstly, let Jy explain about her name as this sometimes confuses people.  She changed her name by deed poll when she was younger.  She wanted to emphasise her uniqueness by only having one name and as this name was given to her by spirit, she thought “why not” – so here she is!

As a young child, she was aware that there was something more in life, than just what we see and feel, and all that came to a head when she was eleven and her father died.  Although he was very busy in life just providing for his family, she always knew that she was loved and that he was ‘around’, and she always felt safe and protected and this feeling has stayed with her since his death. Within her family were those who possessed spiritual talents in different ways, although it was never ‘thrust in her face’ so to speak.  As her mother grew older she started giving healing to others, although she never really knew exactly what it was, people always felt so much better afterwards.

As her own children grew to adulthood and she had more time on her hands, her interest was again sparked in spiritual matters including healing.  She started looking into various healing modalities including Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Trance Healing, Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch and Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing™.  Over a period of time she studied these and progressed one at a time through each course, both here in Australia and in England.

As she was practicing on her family and friends they kept saying that she should really be doing this full-time for all manner of people.  For quite some time she ‘feared’ taking that next step, but then in January 2008 she took the plunge and started her own business.  It was quite a leap of faith for her, but in being spiritual, she knew that we have to do this many times in our life.

Throughout her learning she realised that whatever modality she used with healing, it all comes from that greater Source, that we give so many names to – All That Is, God, Buddha, Universal Energy – whatever we choose to call it, it is all one and the same.  Also, comes the greater understanding that it is not she, that is healing you, but it is you that is healing yourself.  She is merely assisting you in your journey of healing, by enabling your physical body to be in a place of balance, so that it can do what it does naturally – heal itself.

She looks forward to meeting you and being of service in assisting you find that place of balance within your life.

“May the gentle winds of change, blow softly through your soul”

Kapunda, Gawler, Barossa Valley, Freeling, Eudunda, Greenock, Truro, Northern Suburbs.