Be a part of your own transformation.  Bring your body back into balance.

Jy is a Healing Facilitator as opposed to a healer.  All healing comes from within the memory of one’s own cells, hence only you can heal your own body.  When your body is in a place of balance, it then enables its own healing.

When we heal the emotional and mental parts of ourselves, our physical healing can begin!  Scientific research now recognises that healing comes from within, from the memory of our cells, when placed within the correct environment.  Most forms of alternative healing utilise various sources of energetic and vibrational frequencies to allow our body to be placed in an environment of balance to enable our cells to remember and to aid the body to do what it does naturally – balance and heal itself!

Working intuitively and to where Jy is guided, a combination of various forms of healing are used.  The techniques initiated during your session will continue to work with you long after your session is completed.

Jy looks forward to working with you and considers it a privilege to be allowed to assist you in your healing process.

Jy works from her home in Kapunda, South Australia, and is easy to reach from the Barossa Valley, Gawler, Eudunda, Greenock, Freeling, Truro and Northern Suburbs.

“May the gentle winds of change, blow softly through your soul”

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